10 Important Vastu Defects in Plot

Land is the base and the most primary requisite for constructing a house, Vastu defects on a plot which is used for construction should be Minimum and negligible. This should be ensured first while purchasing a plot for vastu. In this article we will see the 10 important Vastu defects in plot.

This article can also be referred as Vastu tips for plot selection as the defects given below should be avoided to select an auspicious plot. The advise of vastu expert should be taken before buying a plot because the expertise of vastu consultant will be more helpful than self-analysis. It is more difficult to check these factors practically when one is not trained to identify the problems.

10 Important Vastu Defects in Plot.

  1. The Magnetic field of the plot should be 90 degree, Main directions should be aligned in 90 degree on the plot, Main directions like East, West, North, South should not be tilted when checked with compass on the plot. It makes the Vastu, Vidisha vastu which is not a good.
  2. The slope of plot or land should always be towards North and East, Avoid plots which have big slope towards south and west.
  3. South, South-east, South-West and West should not have well, bore-wells, pits and even basements.
  4. The land should be free from bones, remains of animals, human remains etc.
  5. A rectangular or Square plot is ideally good, if side margin to any direction is there,The extension of South should never be more than North and That of West should not be more than east.
  6. Any types of plants and trees which are considered inauspicious should not be there.
  7. A land which is uneven in shape or has cuts and extensions should be avoided.
  8. There should be no Temple, Mosque, Cemetery near your plot/land.
  9. There should be no Vithi-Shula coming towards vastu.
  10. A plot which has ant-hills or holes or snakes should be avoided.

The doshas number 1,2,5,6 and 9 cannot be changed or remedied once house is constructed on the plot, rest of the doshas can still be remedied. So it is very necessary to check these 10 important vastu defects in Plot before purchasing it. The above 10 tips for plot selection are given by my Guru Late Shri Pathak sir and have been taken from the classical literature of vastu shastra.

Laying Vastu foundation

Laying Vastu foundation is a very important process in constructing a house. After the finalization of site and vastu plans one should get Shanku Sthapana done along pooja and offering to deities. The pooja should be done in the north east corner of the plot by a sadbrahmana who is well versed in paurohitya.

The first digging should be done by the owner of the house or the architect (sthapati) or the chief mason (Vardhaki) at the selected auspicious Muhurta set by an expert astrologer and vastu consultant.

Vastu construction and laying vastu foundation can be started in the following auspicious lunar months as follows.

  • Chaitra Month (March/April)
  • Vaisakha Month (April/May)
  • Sravana Month (July/August)
  • Karthika Month (October/November)
  • Magha Month (January/February)

Sun should preferably occupy the fixed signs which are as follows:

  • Vrishabh rashi
  • Simha rashi
  • Vruschika rashi
  • Kumbh rashi

For laying the foundation the following nakshatras or stars should be chosen:

  • Rohini nakshatra
  • Mrigashira nakshatra
  • Uttara-phalguni nakshatra
  • Hastha nakshatra
  • Chitra nakshatra
  • Anuradha nakshatra
  • Jyestha nakshatra
  • Uttarashada nakshatra
  • Sravan nakshatra

Rikhta tithis 4,9,14 should be avoided for any work. 2,6,10 tithis are considered auspicious while the weekdays of benefic planets which are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday are considered auspicious. Tuesdays and Sundays are to be avoided.

The rising ascendant chosen should be a fixed sign from from where benefics in angles 1,4,7,10 and Malefics in upachaya 3,6,10,11 are considered auspicious. 8th house should be vacant with no influence of a malefic planet.

Construction activity should not be started if any female member in house is in the 6th month or any member of family is gravely ill.

Laying Vastu foundation
Laying Vastu foundation

Digging of soil and laying of foundation should be in the following order:

  • North-East
  • North-west
  • South-east
  • South-west

The flow of energy should always be from south to north and west to east which is why digging should commence from North-east which will make the south and the west elevated. It is best to construct a water pond or well in the North-east.

After digging is completed, Laying vastu foundation should begin in reverse order of above as follows:

Laying Vastu foundation
Laying Vastu foundation
  • South West
  • South-East
  • North-West
  • North-East

This ensures that the construction starts from south-west corner putting all the heaviness and elevation towards south and west directions and proceeding towards north-east. This will help you to complete vastu construction much before stipulated time and also save your costs of construction.

When you start your vastu construction by following the rules of laying vastu foundation as given above you will experience very positive results and happiness with timely completion and more savings, If you start digging from the south-west first you will experience a lot of delays in completion of the project and increase in your costs as the time passes by, I have seen some projects completely stalled due to starting of digging from the south-west side or filling from the North-east first. Such errors can cost you a fortune and lot of mental frustration,

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Vastu and Astrology connection

Vastu and Astrology Connection

Are vastu and astrology related? Does your Vastu have any connection with your horoscope? Can your Horoscope reveal anything about your Vastu? Yes ! Vastu and Astrology connection is what this post is all about. Checking a vastu can be easy if you know astrology. Even a prashna cast before knowing anything about a specific vastu can reveal everything about it.

Vastu shastra is about rules and principles showing how to Construct a dwelling, how to construct a temple, how to do town planning, the use directions, the panchatatwa associated with them, use of energy flow with respect to directions, subtle energy points in vastu mandala, the elevations, depressions, types of land, Cuts, Extensions etc.

While astrology is all about the study of effect of 9 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses with divisional horoscopes, the asta-varga, transit of planets with respect to position of planets at time of birth, the mahadasha periods indicating the timing of events etc.

Vastu and astrology connection is definitely there because Vastu shastra is also a part of Veda, It is known as Upa-veda while astrology or jyotisha is a vedanga known as the eye of vedas. Astrology is a vast ocean of knowledge leading to knowing god and his creation for a spiritual astrologer.


Your horoscope is a magic tool which can tell everything about your past, present and probable future. It is a blueprint of your life and karma. Your horoscope can also tell about your vastu and you will be amazed to see recurring patterns in all properties that you acquire over a period of your life. You will see similar recurring patterns in them like dosha in a specific direction, Specific corner of house having cuts or extensions or problems in one or more of the 5 tatwas depending on the affliction in your horoscope.

I have a habit of Checking the horoscope of the client before examining any vastu or doing any vastu consultation. It helps me to analyse the probable doshas a vastu can have before actually examining the vastu. A layout of vastu spread on the horoscope also helps to know the problem in vastu. A prashna chart cast before checking the vastu also tells a lot about it without even seeing or knowing about it from the client

.A client of mine had Mars+ketu+moon in the 5th house. It was evident that his vastu will have issues related to Agni and Jala corners of the house which are North and South. His toilet happened to be in the South-east corner with a big cut indicating Agni tattwa was missing and there was presence of jala tattwa in the place of agni. There were several health issues prevalent in their family since they moved in that vastu. The drainage in that location and the cut brought severe frustrations and health issues in the family.

The 4th house in the horoscopes tells everything about your vastu, Presence of planets like Rahu, Ketu indicate sarpa dosha or doshas which are not visible to the naked eye, they can even indicate paranormal activity or dosha due to some dead remains in the land.

Planets like Moon, Venus, Jupiter in 4th house indicate a very well ventilated and decorated house with positivity Mars indicates a house prone to fire and a probably active extended south corner, saturn indicates old dilapidated house which may be kept unclean, untidy or with a mess around it. Sun will give a house with lot of light and heat probably indicating the east and south open.

The 12 houses can map the 4 main directions by dividing them in 3 equal parts. East in the 1st house, North in the 4th house, West in the 7th house and South in the 10th house The houses adjacent to the main direction will represent the sub directions Any afflictions in these houses will indicate the nature and type of dosha in your vastu. A prashna chart at the time of clients arrival for vastu consultation will give more accurate analysis of the nature of problem in his Vastu.

So knowledge of astrology is always very helpful to a good vastu consultant. The best vastu consultants will apply astrology as well as vastu principles to give you the best results. The nature of remedies to be performed in a vastu can be ascertained through the horoscope of the client. I am sure that the readers will understand Vastu and Astrology connection after reading this post.

Ashish Desai is a veteran Astrologer and Vastu consultant based in Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore and Pune. You can get in touch with him on his whatsapp number 9657569256 if you want to book him for vastu consultations in any of these cities.

Toilet In South-East

The ancients had excellent practice of having the toilets outside the main buildings or house. But now when the houses have become smaller, land has become costlier and scarce, flats taking place of houses it is not possible to keep a toilet outside the main building or house. It also poses security and safety concerns apart from the above factors. I am writing about toilet in South-east today courtesy to a recent vastu consultation which clearly indicated troubles as mentioned in classics of vastu for toilets in south-east and a C cut in south-east.

Toilet in South-east

I had a vastu consultation with this client of mine who wanted to make some serious decisions regarding his flat. The flat had a door in North-east which was good though it would have been better in the main directions but it was a positive point for energy to enter the house.

Next as I went inside I started noticing the defects in that Vastu, All the windows and openings were towards the west, except the door the east and north were completely closed. There was a toilet in South-east and a “C Cut behind the toilet”. I asked him if he had money issues, he said yes he is into debts and still clearing off the debts, his career is not showing any signs of growth since last 7 years even though he is a very talented person, he has been working for lesser salaries as he left jobs after jobs 9 of them in past 7 years.

I saw that he had a toilet in south-east and a C-cut behind it, I asked about the health of all people in the family, especially women and if children had any issues, he was stunned to hear that. Yes !! He said, My wife is constantly ill, my daughter has had the worse health issues since we came into this house, Wife had miscarriages while we were here. we have been spending a lot of money on health issues. He too had a peculiar problem which could not be diagnosed by a doctor, everytime he complained to the doctor about the problem, the doctors would just find nothing.

Toilet in South-east
Toilet in South-east

He said that’s why precisely he decided to take my consultation to take a decision about this vastu, A friend of his who happens to know vastu told him to change the kitchen from north west to south east and shift the bathroom to the kitchen. I was like what is the need for that ? The toilet in the south-east and the cut will still remain even if you made all the changes so what is the use of spending all that money, you wont benefit at all.

He said he had been staying away for 2 years and many of his problems had come in control now he was again planning to stay in this flat of his but wanted to have advise of an expert vastu consultant. I clearly told him to change the vastu, sell it or rent it but not stay there.

The advise was as follows:

  • Leave this flat would be the best advice as changes in flat are usually not allowed, atleast the changes we wanted to do were not possible. If at all not possible to leave (which was the case with him).
  • Don’t do any big changes spending all from the pocket. Changing direction of kitchen from North-west to south east is not going to make big difference as the toilet in south-east and Cut stays there.
  • Do ratna Sanskar, bury a red coral in the south east corner and see the results for 6 months and then contact me for further remedies, Go step by step into remedies as you will be able to keep check whether they are giving results.
  • If he does not get good results in another 6 months to 1 year he should change the flat without any excuse which was what I told him.

He was obviously satisfied with the advise and consultation as I clearly gave him the solution and also saved his money which otherwise he would have spent in complete renovation of the flat. It is best to leave a flat/house with serious defects if they are beyond repair, remedies can be given where there is good scope, small remedies should be done first to see their results after which step by step remedies can be done over time.

If you have any problems with your vastu, you can get in touch with me for vastu consultation by dropping a message on my whatsapp number 9657569256.

Importance of land selection in vastu part 2

In the last article we saw how a piece of land influences your thoughts and actions according to its auspiciousness and in-auspiciousness, in this article we will see another story showing importance of land selection in vastu. Selection of the right plot is as equally important as selecting a compatible life partner.

This is a an excerpt taken from “Madhwa vijay grantha” of “Madhwa saint Raghavendra swamy of Mantralayam” in Kurnool district of Andhra-pradesh which lies on the banks of Tungabhadra river. Raghavendra swamy is a madhwa saint who is known as the incarnation of bhakta pralhad born to demon Hiranyakashyap who was killed by Narsimha avtara of Lord Vishnu.

Raghavendra swamy was directed by Goddess lakshmi to choose mantralayam for his samadhi sthana after construction her temple at the entrance and naming her “Moolambika”, Lakshmi devi told rayaru that bhakta prahlad did big yagya to please all gods and goddess and after that in dwaparyuga pandavas did ashwamedha yagya on that plot or land due to which it has become very pious.

In Ashwamedha yagya a horse is set free to roam by the king doing the yagya, whoever stops the horse has to fight the king. Anusalva who stopped the horse when pandavas did ashwamedha yagya had to fight with pandavas, pandavas could not win him easily and Arjun inspite of being a great warrior was not able to defeat Anusalva as Anusalva’s chariot was standing at the place where Bhakta prahlad had performed yagya, Shri krishna knew this and he told Arjuna to take his chariot behind which naturally led Anusalva to shift his Chariot, the moment he did that pandavas won the fight as Anusalva surrendered and the ashwamedha yagya was completed.

Lakshmi devi told Raghavendra swamy that the land has many good qualities and is very pious due to many yagyas being conducted on it and he should choose this land for his samadhi near the banks of tungabhadra river. Today Mantralayam is the samadhi place of shri Raghavendra swamy where many people go and get punya and isthartha (desired) by the blessings of Shri Raghavendra swamy.

The above story is another example of importance of land selection in Vastu shastra. Plot selection is done on the basis of many factors like.

Importance of land selection in vastu shastra
Importance of land selection in vastu shastra
  • Size of land – Here Ratio of length and breadth is important. For rectangular plots the length should not be twice the breadth but mayamatam a great classical treatise on vastu by sage maya prescribes 1:1.25 ratio for ideal plots. Extensions to already existing plots must be done carefully as it can hamper growth of the owner and spell doom if plots are extended towards south or west.
  • Shape of land – Rectangular and Square plots or preferred, the other irregular shapes can be corrected with the help of vastu expert. Triangular plots are highly dangerous, all other plots except rectangular and square are to be avoided for human dwelling.
  • Direction of plot – The main directions East and North are considered most auspicious, any land facing these directions can be considered for the best results after checking and satisfying other conditions.
  • Soil – The color of the soil, odour and fertilitiy etc is very important.
  • Elevation – Its elevation and depression of land is a point worth noting as it decides the energy flow on the plot. A land should be elevated towards South and West which means slope towards north and east is most ideal.
  • Surroundings – The surrounding areas need to be checked for auspicious and inauspicious signs which can affect the progress of owner of the land. A small plot between two big plots may not be auspicious, corner plots are to be purchased with caution after checking the direction of roads from it. Vedha/veethi shula etc need to be checked before selection of any site.
  • Ayadi Shadvarga calculation – Certain formulae known as ayadi shadvarga is recommended by classical texts of vastu when building a residence or temple. This formulae are said to ensure health, wealth and prosperity to people staying there.

I do not think that any vastu websites must have demonstrated the importance of site selection or importance of plot selection by the way of relating to pramanas as given above. There is much more to be checked than just the directions in vastu shashtra. For any queries or consultations related to selection of auspicious plot or construction of house or commercial premises according to vastu get in touch with Pandit Ashish Desai.

Importance of land selection in vastu

Selecting an auspicious land is very important factor for constructing a dwelling or any place residential or commercial. Land prices are sky rocketing and it is neither easy to get a good piece of land in cities and towns, Selection of auspicious plot requires understanding of all 8 directions in vastu, the shape of land is another important factor apart from the direction of land, its elevation and depression and placement according to surroundings or topography is also considered very important to understand whether the land is suitable for owner the ayadi shadvarga calculations should be conducted, some tests like digging a pit and filling it with water to check auspiciousness are also mentioned in classical texts which may not be possible in all cases.
Let us understand the importance of land selection in vastu shastra with example of a good story in this post, but before that let us understand what is vastu shastra and what is the definition of vastu?

What is Vastu shastra ?

Vastu is the science of architecture propounded by the sages, 18 in number, The references of Vastu shastra are found in matsya puran, Agni puran which in itself is a pramana (proof) of its authenticity. Like astrology is a vedanga and known as the eye of vedas, Vastu shastra is known as upa-veda.

What is vastu ?

A place/land/plot compounded for the purpose of construction is termed as “vastu”. A house/dwelling erected on the plot is termed as “Bhawan”, Readers will understand more and more in detail in the following posts on this blog.

Importance of land selection in vastu

Let us go through a small story which shows how a piece of land is significant in selection of site. The story of Shravan baal or Shravan kumar who was killed by king dashrath by mistake while the king went hunting in the jungle, he was cursed by blind parents of shravan kumar to die in agony and sorrow in wait of his son the same way they were in sorrow at the news of loss of their only son. Here is a different aspect of that story which illustrates inherent nature of land and how it expresses its hidden potential value.

Shravan kumar took his parents and set out for pilgrimage to Dohaad a small village near Godhra in Gujrat. On the way they waited to take some rest under a tree. As young Shravan Kumar sat resting under the tree, a thought came to his mind. He started thinking about how long he should keep wandering aimlessly here and there taking his parents in kavadi (Basket balanced on shoulders). His mind became agitated and frustrated at that very moment and at the peak of despair he came to the conclusion that he should leave his parents free to wander where ever they want and he should take leave of them to spend his life as he wanted without any botheration of taking their responsibility.

He went to his parents and spoke to them about this and they were shocked to hear his thoughts, however they reconciled themselves and asked Shravan kumar to leave them at nearby dharmashala. On the way there was a small river and while crossing it, a sudden thought came to his mind that he is the only son of his parents and how they will survive without his support.

importance-of-land-selection-in-vastu, vastu tips for plot selection.

Importance of land selection in vastu, vastu tips for plot selection.

He stopped at the other end and apologized to his parents saying that he was committing a great sin by leaving them alone. His Parents told him, that they knew the thoughts came to his mind owing to the inherent influence of the land where Shravan kumar was taking rest and hence they directed him to shift them to dharmashala immediately.

Conclusion – From the above story it is clear that every land has its own potential of “Feel good and Feel Bad” factor stored in it. One should know the potential value and strength before taking action to procure such a land.

It is always better to select a plot according to Vastu shastra with the help of expert vastu shastri than to blindly choose without knowing. Just searching in google about vastu tips for purchasing plots will not help you in actually buying a good plot, There are many things to observe at the actual site which only an expert can do. Size of land, Shape of land, Soil of land, Surroundings of land, level of plot, cuts and extensions is a matter of study and scrutiny before selection of plot. A land is a lifetime investment probably worth lakhs and crores of rupees, consulting a vastu expert and spending few thousands can save you from misfortunes later.

Here is another story for selection of land in vastu along with some vastu tips for selecting the right plot for construction of dwelling. If you have any queries regarding selection of plot or construction of any commercial or residential premises book your consultation with Pandit Ashish Desai by filling the form below.

Online Vastu Shastra Consultation

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If you are looking for Vastu shastra consultation you have come at the right place. I am a trained Vastu consultant under tutelage of “Late Shri Dhundiraj Pathak Sir” who was a pioneer in the field of Vastu shastra. He taught is vastu shastra purely on the basis of classical literature written by our great seers. Many of the classical books in his collection are either out of print o

We were strictly advised not to follow any modern vastu books and techniques which are all about cheating people in the name of Vastu shastra. Our vastu techniques and remedies are purely based on the classical vastu principles devised by our ancient seers.

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Make sure you have the following things ready for vastu consultations.

  • Vastu layout – If you are contacting me for “Online Vastu Consultation”, make sure you have a vastu layout of your house or flat with directions marked.
  • Video/photos – You can send photos and videos of Vastu and the surrounding areas for us to be able to analyse the vastu clearly.
  • Birth horoscope – You can send the birth details of owner of the vastu as birth horoscope analyses also helps in vastu shastra and knowing about the vastu dosha according to horoscope of the owner.

Any vastu consultation has to be done personally by visiting the vastu because one has to ascertain many things right from correct directions, true north, shape of land, deviation/elevation of land/building/locality/complex to things like water bodies, power transformers, trees, obstructions to vastu from outside first before checking the vastu from inside.

Many of the above things is not possible in online vastu shastra consultations which is why it is atleast necessary to have a “Vastu layout” with you with directions marked on it and information about the surroundings in your vastu. A video of client’s vastu and its surrounding helps in vastu consultations in case of online vastu shastra consultations.

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