10 Important Vastu Defects in Plot

Land is the base and the most primary requisite for constructing a house, Vastu defects on a plot which is used for construction should be Minimum and negligible. This should be ensured first while purchasing a plot for vastu. In this article we will see the 10 important Vastu defects in plot.

This article can also be referred as Vastu tips for plot selection as the defects given below should be avoided to select an auspicious plot. The advise of vastu expert should be taken before buying a plot because the expertise of vastu consultant will be more helpful than self-analysis. It is more difficult to check these factors practically when one is not trained to identify the problems.

10 Important Vastu Defects in Plot.

  1. The Magnetic field of the plot should be 90 degree, Main directions should be aligned in 90 degree on the plot, Main directions like East, West, North, South should not be tilted when checked with compass on the plot. It makes the Vastu, Vidisha vastu which is not a good.
  2. The slope of plot or land should always be towards North and East, Avoid plots which have big slope towards south and west.
  3. South, South-east, South-West and West should not have well, bore-wells, pits and even basements.
  4. The land should be free from bones, remains of animals, human remains etc.
  5. A rectangular or Square plot is ideally good, if side margin to any direction is there,The extension of South should never be more than North and That of West should not be more than east.
  6. Any types of plants and trees which are considered inauspicious should not be there.
  7. A land which is uneven in shape or has cuts and extensions should be avoided.
  8. There should be no Temple, Mosque, Cemetery near your plot/land.
  9. There should be no Vithi-Shula coming towards vastu.
  10. A plot which has ant-hills or holes or snakes should be avoided.

The doshas number 1,2,5,6 and 9 cannot be changed or remedied once house is constructed on the plot, rest of the doshas can still be remedied. So it is very necessary to check these 10 important vastu defects in Plot before purchasing it. The above 10 tips for plot selection are given by my Guru Late Shri Pathak sir and have been taken from the classical literature of vastu shastra.

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