About Us

VastuAshish is started by Veteran Astrologer Ashish Desai who has been successfully running Jyotish research for more than 7 years since 2012. After over 2 decades of pursuing and studying astrology as a passion and over a decade of practicing astrology professionally, He has ventured into the field of Vastu shastra, He learned Vastu shastra from Institute of Oriental Sciences, Pune under tutelage of Shri Dhundiraj Pathak who is a very known name in field of vastu.

His learning in Vastu shastra has been purely on the basis of classical literature and experience of his Vastu Guru Shri Dhundiraj Pathak sir who taught us vastu based on classical texts like Samarangan Sutradhar, Architecture of Maansaara, Mayamatam, Vishwakarma vastu, Manushyalaya Chandrika, Aparajit prucha, Brihat Samhita, Vrishayurved, Matysa puran, Agni puran, Narad puran etc.

The training was purely on the principles and rules laid down by these classical texts and experience of many years of Sir’s own practical study based on these texts. Many thousands of slides and practical field vastu experience was given to us while teaching Vastu shastra.

Now after 2 years of practice of vastu shastra along with astrology which is a plus for study of vastu as horoscope of vastu owner tells a lot about defects and corrections to be made in his Vastu. we are developing this website to give a wider reach of our vastu consultancy services to clients all over the globe.

If you wish to consult him for residential or commercial vastu related guidance, you can get in touch with him by filling the below form.