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If you are looking for Vastu shastra consultation you have come at the right place. I am a trained Vastu consultant under tutelage of “Late Shri Dhundiraj Pathak Sir” who was a pioneer in the field of Vastu shastra. He taught is vastu shastra purely on the basis of classical literature written by our great seers. Many of the classical books in his collection are either out of print o

We were strictly advised not to follow any modern vastu books and techniques which are all about cheating people in the name of Vastu shastra. Our vastu techniques and remedies are purely based on the classical vastu principles devised by our ancient seers.

If you want a vastu shastra consultation feel free to get in touch with me on my whatsapp number 9657569256.

Make sure you have the following things ready for vastu consultations.

  • Vastu layout – If you are contacting me for “Online Vastu Consultation”, make sure you have a vastu layout of your house or flat with directions marked.
  • Video/photos – You can send photos and videos of Vastu and the surrounding areas for us to be able to analyse the vastu clearly.
  • Birth horoscope – You can send the birth details of owner of the vastu as birth horoscope analyses also helps in vastu shastra and knowing about the vastu dosha according to horoscope of the owner.

Any vastu consultation has to be done personally by visiting the vastu because one has to ascertain many things right from correct directions, true north, shape of land, deviation/elevation of land/building/locality/complex to things like water bodies, power transformers, trees, obstructions to vastu from outside first before checking the vastu from inside.

Many of the above things is not possible in online vastu shastra consultations which is why it is atleast necessary to have a “Vastu layout” with you with directions marked on it and information about the surroundings in your vastu. A video of client’s vastu and its surrounding helps in vastu consultations in case of online vastu shastra consultations.

For personal vastu consultations I am available in Bangalore and Mumbai. You can get in touch with me on my whatsapp number 9657569256.

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