Vastu and Astrology connection

Vastu and Astrology Connection

Are vastu and astrology related? Does your Vastu have any connection with your horoscope? Can your Horoscope reveal anything about your Vastu? Yes ! Vastu and Astrology connection is what this post is all about. Checking a vastu can be easy if you know astrology. Even a prashna cast before knowing anything about a specific vastu can reveal everything about it.

Vastu shastra is about rules and principles showing how to Construct a dwelling, how to construct a temple, how to do town planning, the use directions, the panchatatwa associated with them, use of energy flow with respect to directions, subtle energy points in vastu mandala, the elevations, depressions, types of land, Cuts, Extensions etc.

While astrology is all about the study of effect of 9 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses with divisional horoscopes, the asta-varga, transit of planets with respect to position of planets at time of birth, the mahadasha periods indicating the timing of events etc.

Vastu and astrology connection is definitely there because Vastu shastra is also a part of Veda, It is known as Upa-veda while astrology or jyotisha is a vedanga known as the eye of vedas. Astrology is a vast ocean of knowledge leading to knowing god and his creation for a spiritual astrologer.


Your horoscope is a magic tool which can tell everything about your past, present and probable future. It is a blueprint of your life and karma. Your horoscope can also tell about your vastu and you will be amazed to see recurring patterns in all properties that you acquire over a period of your life. You will see similar recurring patterns in them like dosha in a specific direction, Specific corner of house having cuts or extensions or problems in one or more of the 5 tatwas depending on the affliction in your horoscope.

I have a habit of Checking the horoscope of the client before examining any vastu or doing any vastu consultation. It helps me to analyse the probable doshas a vastu can have before actually examining the vastu. A layout of vastu spread on the horoscope also helps to know the problem in vastu. A prashna chart cast before checking the vastu also tells a lot about it without even seeing or knowing about it from the client

.A client of mine had Mars+ketu+moon in the 5th house. It was evident that his vastu will have issues related to Agni and Jala corners of the house which are North and South. His toilet happened to be in the South-east corner with a big cut indicating Agni tattwa was missing and there was presence of jala tattwa in the place of agni. There were several health issues prevalent in their family since they moved in that vastu. The drainage in that location and the cut brought severe frustrations and health issues in the family.

The 4th house in the horoscopes tells everything about your vastu, Presence of planets like Rahu, Ketu indicate sarpa dosha or doshas which are not visible to the naked eye, they can even indicate paranormal activity or dosha due to some dead remains in the land.

Planets like Moon, Venus, Jupiter in 4th house indicate a very well ventilated and decorated house with positivity Mars indicates a house prone to fire and a probably active extended south corner, saturn indicates old dilapidated house which may be kept unclean, untidy or with a mess around it. Sun will give a house with lot of light and heat probably indicating the east and south open.

The 12 houses can map the 4 main directions by dividing them in 3 equal parts. East in the 1st house, North in the 4th house, West in the 7th house and South in the 10th house The houses adjacent to the main direction will represent the sub directions Any afflictions in these houses will indicate the nature and type of dosha in your vastu. A prashna chart at the time of clients arrival for vastu consultation will give more accurate analysis of the nature of problem in his Vastu.

So knowledge of astrology is always very helpful to a good vastu consultant. The best vastu consultants will apply astrology as well as vastu principles to give you the best results. The nature of remedies to be performed in a vastu can be ascertained through the horoscope of the client. I am sure that the readers will understand Vastu and Astrology connection after reading this post.

Ashish Desai is a veteran Astrologer and Vastu consultant based in Mumbai, Thane, Bangalore and Pune. You can get in touch with him on his whatsapp number 9657569256 if you want to book him for vastu consultations in any of these cities.

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