Vastu Services

Pandit Ashish Desai is a trained vastu expert and has learned vastu shastra through gurus who have put more emphasis on classical literature in vastu shastra which was given by our seers. The remedies and the solutions he provides are purely based on the classical dictums of vastu shastra. Clients can benefit from his consultations which are available both onsite and offsite. His services can be availed by people in India as well as at international level.

Onsite Vastu consultations

Onsite vastu consultations are available in local areas and and are exclusively beneficial for the owner or architects who want to work closely to get any construction done as per vastu shastra. Onsite consultation involves site visit and study of the surroundings, plot, the directions and defects in the vastu right from the ground level..

Offsite Vastu consultations

Offsite Vastu consultations are apt for people who are staying in other cities/country. They can send in their site layouts with directions marked as per our guidance, photos of the property/site and its surroundings for the consultation. The analysis will be thoroughly done on the basis of the details sent by the clients. Step by step guidance and consultation will be given and results will be tested time and again for the remedies suggested. We believe in going slowly in an organized step by step manner. This helps us to analyse and know the outcome of the suggestions and the remedies carried out. Even a small change in sitting direction gives quick result in vastu.

We undertake the following Types of Vastu consultations

  • Residential House vastu
  • Flat Vastu
  • Vastu for selection of plot
  • Vastu for construction of dwelling
  • Vastu for renovation or extension i.e making changes in present structure.
  • Commercial vastu for shops, corporate offices, banks
  • Industrial vastu for big units, factories. storage, godowns
  • Vastu for multi-storey buildings.
  • Vastu for town planning
  • Vastu for hotels
  • Vastu for hospitals
  • Vastu for schools and colleges

We believe in solution oriented approach for vastu consultations and promise to deliver results to you. You can get in touch with your requirements on my whatsapp number 9657569256.