Why Vastu Shastra ?

Why Vastu shastra ? Why should one believe in Vastu Shastra ?

Vastu shastra has references in puranas like Matsya puran, Agni Puran, Narad Puran. The following Shloka/Verse from Matsya puran chapter 252 gives names of 18 Rishees/seers who have propogated Vastu shastra.

॥ भृगुरत्रिर्वसिष्टश्च विश्वकर्मा मयस्तथा। नारदो नग्नजिच्चैव विशालक्षः पुरंदरः॥
ब्रम्हा कुमारो नन्दीशः शौनको गर्ग ऐव च। वासुदेवोऽ निरुद्धश्च तथा शुक् ब्रुहस्पति॥
अशटादशैते विख्याता वास्तुशस्त्रोपदेशकाः। संक्षेपेणोपदिष्टं यन्मनवे मस्त्यरुपिणा॥

Matysa Puran, Chapter 252.

The above shloka/verse mentions the names of 18 seers/rishees named Bhrigu, Atri, Vashistha, Vishwakarma, Maya, Narad, Nagnajeet, Visalaksha, Purandar, Bramha, Kumar, Nandisha, Shaunak, Garg, Vasudev, Aniruddha, Shuka, Brihaspati who have given us Vastu Shastra.
Matysa puran is one of the oldest Puran among the 18 puranas which has references of 18 scholars who have contributed to vastu shastra.
Agni puran further has important features of Vastu discussed in detail.
What more proof does one need for authenticity of Vastu shastra ? Shastra and puranas are pramanas (proof) for everything. As they were written by sages/seers its authenticity cannot be challenged, their laws and principles have always stood the test of time unlike those of intellectual human beings which change with time.

What is Vastu ?

A Plot or land when compounded by creating a boundary becomes a vastu. A house/dwelling constructed on Such land is known as “Bhawan”. When you create boundaries and walls you restrict the energy flow of the natural order, The land selected for Residential vastu is further divided into 81 parts (9×9) known as mandala which is ruled by 45 deities, For a temple it is divided into 100 (10×10) parts and for town planning 64 (8×8) parts or grids.

What is Vastu shastra ?

Vastu shastra is about making right use of the directions and maintaining the flow of cosmic energy in alignment to the laws of the universe. Energy is both positive and negative according to the 4 main directions and 4 sub directions, The energy flowing from positive directions give positive result while that flowing from the negative direction gives negative results this is where the vastu principles come into picture. A vastu with flow of energy and construction according to its principles will give good result, health, wealth and prosperity to the owner of such dwelling and that which is created against the principles of vastu will cause harm to the owner. Apart from that when a vastu is created residential vastu has 81 manadalas ruled by 45 dieties, the directions or mandalas ruled by auspicious dieties will give good results when doors, windows, openings, extensions are created in such directions.

For Example – Doors are allowed in all 4 directions in vastu. A south door is not really bad as it is feared to be, but the pada/part in south direction which holds the door is more important. So the people who lament on vastu saying we have a south door but nothing happened should know for their knowledge that vastu shastra never said, A door in south is bad, but it rather said that the door in certain pada of south spells doom to the owner.

A vastu facing south and a bhawan facing west is considered good for kshatriyas to increase their wealth, food and bravery as per samarangan sutradhar.

Samarangan Sutradhar.

Readers are requested to go through various classical literature of vastu shastra to know about its authenticity and accuracy. Vastu shastra books or vastu shastra classics like samarangan sutradhar, mayamatam, architecture of maansara, Manushyalaya Chandrika, Vishwakarma Prakash

Vastu shastra is basically a step by step process of following some set of rules and principles while constructing a house, commercial place, temple or entire town planning. There are certain set of rules and principles laid down for different types of constructions, It is based on the concept of natural flow of energy in the cosmos and the vastu mandala ruled by the dieties indicating the good and bad energy. The mention of it in puranas, this vastu shastra itself being an upaveda is a solid proof of its authenticity.

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