Toilet In South-East

The ancients had excellent practice of having the toilets outside the main buildings or house. But now when the houses have become smaller, land has become costlier and scarce, flats taking place of houses it is not possible to keep a toilet outside the main building or house. It also poses security and safety concerns apart from the above factors. I am writing about toilet in South-east today courtesy to a recent vastu consultation which clearly indicated troubles as mentioned in classics of vastu for toilets in south-east and a C cut in south-east.

Toilet in South-east

I had a vastu consultation with this client of mine who wanted to make some serious decisions regarding his flat. The flat had a door in North-east which was good though it would have been better in the main directions but it was a positive point for energy to enter the house.

Next as I went inside I started noticing the defects in that Vastu, All the windows and openings were towards the west, except the door the east and north were completely closed. There was a toilet in South-east and a “C Cut behind the toilet”. I asked him if he had money issues, he said yes he is into debts and still clearing off the debts, his career is not showing any signs of growth since last 7 years even though he is a very talented person, he has been working for lesser salaries as he left jobs after jobs 9 of them in past 7 years.

I saw that he had a toilet in south-east and a C-cut behind it, I asked about the health of all people in the family, especially women and if children had any issues, he was stunned to hear that. Yes !! He said, My wife is constantly ill, my daughter has had the worse health issues since we came into this house, Wife had miscarriages while we were here. we have been spending a lot of money on health issues. He too had a peculiar problem which could not be diagnosed by a doctor, everytime he complained to the doctor about the problem, the doctors would just find nothing.

Toilet in South-east
Toilet in South-east

He said that’s why precisely he decided to take my consultation to take a decision about this vastu, A friend of his who happens to know vastu told him to change the kitchen from north west to south east and shift the bathroom to the kitchen. I was like what is the need for that ? The toilet in the south-east and the cut will still remain even if you made all the changes so what is the use of spending all that money, you wont benefit at all.

He said he had been staying away for 2 years and many of his problems had come in control now he was again planning to stay in this flat of his but wanted to have advise of an expert vastu consultant. I clearly told him to change the vastu, sell it or rent it but not stay there.

The advise was as follows:

  • Leave this flat would be the best advice as changes in flat are usually not allowed, atleast the changes we wanted to do were not possible. If at all not possible to leave (which was the case with him).
  • Don’t do any big changes spending all from the pocket. Changing direction of kitchen from North-west to south east is not going to make big difference as the toilet in south-east and Cut stays there.
  • Do ratna Sanskar, bury a red coral in the south east corner and see the results for 6 months and then contact me for further remedies, Go step by step into remedies as you will be able to keep check whether they are giving results.
  • If he does not get good results in another 6 months to 1 year he should change the flat without any excuse which was what I told him.

He was obviously satisfied with the advise and consultation as I clearly gave him the solution and also saved his money which otherwise he would have spent in complete renovation of the flat. It is best to leave a flat/house with serious defects if they are beyond repair, remedies can be given where there is good scope, small remedies should be done first to see their results after which step by step remedies can be done over time.

If you have any problems with your vastu, you can get in touch with me for vastu consultation by dropping a message on my whatsapp number 9657569256.

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